First Impressions, or: "Driving this self-introduction off a cliff"

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First Impressions, or: "Driving this self-introduction off a cliff"

Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:48 pm

Hello out there to all the kings, queens, and those who know better. This is your captain speaking and after well over a decade of reading, writing, and roleplaying, I'm still no closer to figuring out how best to introduce myself in a way that strikes that perfect balance between professional, friendly and approachable, a little fun, a little spicy, and definitely like I have any idea of what I'm doing at any given point. So here I am, having given up entirely. Let's do this.

You can go ahead and call me Endymion, Endy, or any other nickname that springs to mind. My internet identity changes with whichever way the wind blows so I go by a lot of different aliases in a lot of different communities. In case you're curious, this one is inspired by Greek mythology, after the sleeping lover of the moon goddess who remains peak relatable. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to be immortal, nap forever, and dream about the bae? No one I'd like to hang out with, that's for sure.

Worth mentioning that I'm 23 have been on this roleplay train for honestly half my life at this point. I started in the late great wastes of Chatango and have since hopped from platform to platform, including deviantART, Tunglr dot hell, Tweeter, the usual suspects. I'm also a former denizen of fandom-specific sites like Cherubplay and Trollmegle before it and have since made my home on Discord for those sweet one-on-one/group interactions.

I'm hoping that Advanced Scribes will help me to scratch that itch and provide a safe haven free from babies where I can stretch my writing muscles and find a brand-new community! Very important to note that I've only ever briefly dipped my toes into forum RP before this, so I'll be learning along the way the kinds of standards and etiquette that goes along with posting here. I appreciate your patience while I get settled and familiarize myself with the laws of the land!

Roleplay-wise, I tend to find that my comfort zone lies primarily in exploring character dynamics first and foremost, with everything else coming second. Sweeping plots and grand narratives honestly just serve as window-dressing for me to explore relationships and dig deep into making every flawed, beautiful bit of my characters feel as real and lived-in as possible! Preferred genres include contemporary, high fantasy, urban fantasy, romance, slice-of-life, horror/suspense, it's all good here.

Going over preferences and boundaries is very important to me, so while I'll often ask for input to make sure we're on the same page, I'm not one to constantly respond with "I'm fine with anything" or "whatever you want." That contributes nothing to discussion and puts the burden on my partner to do all the heavy lifting, which I'm not about. I'd like if folks could offer the same courtesy and come prepared to collaborate and give ideas if interacting sounds like a plan.

I'm not fussed about reply speeds and I'd prefer my partners be similarly chill about not getting an immediate response. I'm often busy, concentrating on other things, or quite honestly just not in the mood for one particular thread over another. Nothing personal. Roleplay's a hobby and I like to keep it that way, so you can rest assured that I won't be bugging for replies. If you're concerned, feel free to check in, just please try to be patient and understanding and I'll do the same for you.

All this was a long-winded way of saying I'm super low-maintenance and like to collaborate equally, not handhold or babysit. If that's your jam and everything you've read so far sounds good, your patience has been rewarded. Here's what kind of goods I can offer.

My characters come in varying shades of these basic flavors: Baby, Bonehead, and Bastard. In other words, gentle giants just doing their best to act as pillars of support for the people around them, absolute fucking idiots that don't have two braincells to rub together and they're happy that way, and many a garbageboy stinkman who belongs in the toilet. Notable subspecies include charming flirts covering deep-rooted insecurity and workaholic perfectionists who will die if they have to relinquish one iota of control over anything. I generally prefer to play male characters for comfort's sake given that I'm trans, but will occasionally toss out one lady or another, so feel free to shoot me a message if any of these caught your eye!

That's about everything I've got to offer about me as a roleplayer and writer, but I hope I've gotten at least some of the way there in making a good first impression. Thanks for having me and I hope to start making myself comfortable with the rest of you very soon!
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Re: First Impressions, or: "Driving this self-introduction off a cliff"

Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:43 pm

  • hiya captain endy and welcome to AS!

    i'm sylver, but feel free to call me cyril/cyr. as one of the site's attendants, please feel free to shoot me a message should you ever have any questions, or if you need help with anything at all! of course, you can also message the other attendants as well (the two lovely people with the light blue usernames), they're also more than happy to help you with anything! c:

    you've made quite the journey so far, i'm impressed! of course, i'm also really glad that your roleplaying endeavors brought you here eventually. we have a lovely and creative community on AS, so you shouldn't run into any trouble while looking for some cool peeps to write and develop characters/relationships with~

    i really hope you enjoy your time on here with us and to see you around the site and community more! ^^
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