The Art Competition Results Are In!

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What did you think of the Art Competition 2019?

Didn't like it, don't do it again
Loved it, make it a yearly thing
I have mixed opinions (please comment below what you thought!)
I didn't like the way it was run (Please comment below what you didn't like)
I did think it was advertised well
I don't think it was advertised well enough
I would have preferred it ran for a longer period of time
I think it ran for the perfect amount of time
No votes
Total votes: 33
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The Art Competition Results Are In!

Mon Oct 28, 2019 9:00 pm



The Art Competition has come to a close! It was wonderful to see people submit all types of art, all in the spirit of good fun and earning house points! We hope you've enjoyed this event: I've attached a poll to the top of this post so that we can get a little feedback on how it was run, if you'd want to see the art competition ran again and such.


I'd like to congratulate everyone who took part in the competition - including:

Cas - Sagacitas Winner
Aporia - Halcyon Winner
Errickon - Amaranthine Winner

And, onto the total points scored!

Sagacitas: 200 points
Amaranthine: 60 points
Halcyon: 40 points
Vipera: 0 points

Once again, thanks to all who got involved! I'd like to invite everyone to comment below on how the event was run, if you liked the idea, what could be edited about it, any feedback whatsoever. Did you like the idea of an event that wasn't based around writing, for example, or, if you didn't get involved, why didn't you? Any feedback is good feedback and I encourage you to post below, and/or answer the poll on top of this post!

Thank you!
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Re: The Art Competition Results Are In!

Tue Oct 29, 2019 10:06 pm

I personally liked the fact the subjects were the house and site mascot - I honestly have no idea if the art competition has run before, or if there was a theme and if there was no idea if it was the houses. But it made it personal to the site and allowed people to compare the artwork without doing the exact same picture or some wildly different things.

I was also glad there was a bit of choice. I knew I wasn't really going to get time to do all of them and while I was sad to not be able to draw my own house mascot, I picked the one I felt I could draw the best and worked my way down the list of what was left. For instance I know I'm a lot more comfortable drawing horses than anything else, so I was glad that I could pick from a list rather than have to just do my own house mascot. Bit like a lot of photography competitions are done, it was nice to pick a category rather than just be in a free for all.

Just thinking over your poll, could you possibly separate it into 'I don't like (and comment a reason why?)' and 'Don't do it again' (or get rid of don't do it again completely).
I know others may not share my opinion, but AS isn't just a website for writing, though that may be its primary function, it is also a creative website.
Though I've never used it and probably won't - this competition was the one time this year I've used a pencil! - we do have an art corner. Not having the art competition would be neglecting those people who are creative through art would it not? Of course some won't like an art competition, that's fair. Don't like it then don't participate, it doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist.
If you guys ran a poetry competition then I'd steer clear, but I would be all for one those to let those who do enjoy writing poems to have a crack at something.
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